6 Business Opportunity Scams You Need To Avoid


Seeking business help in today’s world? Yes, you will come across ideas that will make you feel that it is so damn easy to make money. And yes, that’s where you fall into the trap of internet business fraudsters. To keep you safe, here are 6 business opportunity scams which you will come across but you should know, it’s nothing other than losing your hard-earned money:

#1: Work from Home Scams

Work from Home

These scams involve luring people into home based work that can help them build god money without having to invest in anything other than paying a small fee which the fraudsters charge for sharing the secrets of this home-based work. Upon payment, all you receive is a booklet advising you to advertise and refer more members to their program in order to make money.

#2: Franchise Opportunity Scams


These scam planners charge the victims thousands of dollars with the assurance that they will set up the brand name business franchise for the victim. They will handle everything and all the investor needs to do is sit back in his chair and earn cash. Well, the investor does sit back while the fraudsters run away with the money.

#3: Business Money Management Scams

Money Management

The business owner tries to attract victims by projecting itself as a big business firm and takes a few interview rounds online and then agrees to hire the victim for trivial tasks in the start. They send a fake or illegitimate check in the victim’s name and ask the victims to cash the check and make transfers from their account to few other accounts that they mention. Since this is a fraud, the amount that victims see in their bank accounts upon cashing the check disappears after a few days and they lose the money if they had already initiated the required transfers.

#4: Foreign Lottery Scams

Lottery Balls

Many times, victims get calls from outside the country that they have won some kind of lottery but to get the money they won, they will have to deposit a certain amount of money in a bank account as a safety measure. The victims deposit the money and never get any call or money again.

#5: Land Banking Scams

Land Banking

There are fraudsters who buy a particular piece of land and divide it into certain parts and put these individual parts on sale. They ask the victims to place a high value lottery bid on the land which they claim is about to get planning permission. But once they get the money, the victims learn that the land was never to get any planning permission and all they are left with is a worthless tiny piece of land.

#6: Derby Tipsters ScamsDerby


These fraudsters will ask you to put money into derby racing and claim to provide tips for winning. If you do win, they have an agreement to share 50{d3731091d73d0f0d5350e6899bec39b2db6a7995bf1695074cddff846401c62d} of the profits. In reality, they are not experts and thus, the claimed ‘tips’ are not at all real or useful and the victims end up never seeing the money they placed the bet with.