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The 3 Best Management Styles You Have To Try At Your Business

Management styles are increasingly important in today’s job scene. The style by which the company or even a department within a company is managed can set the tone for the employees and the customers.

If you want to have a productive team, here are three management styles you can try:

A lot of people confuse a manager position as a position that gives someone the authority to boss others around. Managers simply manage people. Instead of using your position to act like a dictator, you can instead use the democratic approach.

Instead of making the decisions on your own, the democratic management style emphasizes meetings and employee input. This style reward good team work and gives everyone an open floor to voice concerns and ideas.

The manager who is using this style must be able to take the ideas and concerns of the team and find solutions they think would work best.

This style lays between a strict style of managing and a relaxed style. The authoritative style is characterized as “firm but fair.” Employees receive direction from the manager and are expected to complete the tasks.

The manager should have a clear vision of their expectations but should be open to compromising if the situation warrants compromise. Employees should be open to fair criticism that is only there to help them better themselves on the job.

The key is that the manager must believe in the vision and mission of the company. If they don’t believe in the vision of the company, employees won’t follow suite. This will lead to unmotivated employees who hate their job.

This style is very useful when the manager is experienced in the position and knows what is expected out of employees. Coaching allows a manager to motivate his or her employees by offering plenty of professional development opportunities.

The most important thing that the manager would focus on in this situation is building up the employee. The goal is to further enrich and educate an employee so that they are able to increase and improve their performance, which will boost the company and motivate others to do better.

The employees must be motivated and have the desire to improve their knowledge of work-related technology and tasks. This style of managing is great for developing companies!


So, to recap the democratic style gives everyone a chance to share their opinions on different matters within the company or the department. The authoritative style, however, gives the responsibility of making decisions to the manager who then delegates tasks to employees in a fair matter. Lastly, the coaching style puts production on the back burner and focuses in on the individual employee and developing their skills.

No matter what style you choose, just be sure that the environment and management style fits the atmosphere of your company. You want your company to be a place people enjoy working at, so keep that in mind!