7 LEGIT Ways You Can Start Making Money Using Your Computer

Make Money Online

There’s a lot more you can do on your computer other than just playing games, watching movies or listening to music. Now-a-days, the digital world is expanding beyond expectations causing more and more novel work opportunities to bud. So, if you are looking to make money using your computer, here are 7 absolutely legit ways to get started:

#1: Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing


If you know how to play with words to grab the reader’s attention, then this is the perfect fit for you. Freelance writing has been a growing field in the sense that almost every online business today is joining the marketing rat race that is incompetent without content. So, you can simply make money writing content for websites, blogs, white papers and a lot more, depending on the area of your interest and expertise.

#2: Sell Stuff on eBay

Make Money Online

If you have some stuff at home that you wish to get rid of, selling it on eBay is one of the best ways to do so as you can put up a nice picture with description and get it sold off at a good price as early as within minutes. To go deeper into this strategy, you can visit garage sales where people usually sell old stuff at really low prices. You can get items from garage sales and resell them on eBay. On an even larger scale, you can order bulk stuff at lower prices and resell that on eBay.

#3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most common ways of earning money online. The simple definition of this job is that there are companies that wish to build more and more customer base. So, they hire affiliate marketers who promote their products through different media like social media, websites, blogs, articles, etc. and direct users to the company’s website. Pay is based on the visits that companies get from these affiliate marketing efforts.

#4: Make Use of the Kindle Store

Kindle ebooks

With Amazon kindle coming into power, it has become really easy to sell eBooks on the internet. If you have an eBook idea in mind, you can simply compile it and make it available for download in a kindle-friendly version. Of course, you will also need to market your eBook before you get some success but once you get the flow going, it is a really good source of making money.

#5: Sell Your Products or Services

sell products

If you have a home-based business or are a service provider, the right use of your computer and internet can get your product or service really popular amongst the potential customers seeking for the same. With use of marketing tools, a website and social media, it’s easy to reach out to the masses for popularizing your product or services which is bound to catch people’s attention and thus, seek you profits.

#6: Sales Professional


If you are a good speaker and hold the patience to deal with customers, then this job can earn you really good money. All you will need is a telephone, internet-connected computer system and a headphone with speaker. Since every business firm, whether small or large is expanding across the globe through internet, the need for more customer service representatives is increasing rapidly thereby creating such jobs. The ease with this job is that because companies in different regions want contact representatives in other regions where they are projecting their virtual presence, you can work as a full-time worker from the comfort of your home.

#7: Become an Infopreneur


This concept is relatively new. The job is that you need to create a website (which can be easily built these days through website builder tools) and start sharing information about a particular topic of your expertise or interest. The idea is to load this website with useful content about the topic you choose. Once your content is shared through social media and starts gaining good attention and users, you can sell ad space on your website where companies can put up ads for products or services relevant to the topic or area your website covers.