7 Easy To Start Business Ideas On A Small Budget

Are you an independent, free-spirit that would like to be his or her own boss? Entrepreneurship might be for you and these startup ideas are feasible on even the strictest budget.

#1: Accountant

If you got the math skills what is stopping you from launching an accountant business? It is the trademark ‘work from home’ occupation and requires little startup costs assuming you already have a computer/laptop, printer, fax machine, etc. You can double as a tax preparer for additional income.

#2: Consultant

As long as you are considered an expert in something you can make a living as a consultant. It will take some time to brand your name but people do pay, and sometimes pay a lot, for your advice. It is also something you can launch on a shoestring budget.

#3: Computer Repair

When you think about how much we rely on electronics like smartphones, tablets and computers on a daily basis it comes as no surprise that there is a high demand for a computer repair service. The great thing is you do not need a lot of expensive tools to diagnose and fix computers unlike other repair services.

#4: Financial Planner

Financial planners is one of the quickest growing career paths of 2017. It will require some certification but if you go through the schooling you will be surprised at just how many will entrust you with their personal finances. Similar to an accountant, it is a job that you can do at home and on a tight budget.

#5: Landscape

Your average homeowner has a front and backyard yet few seem to have the time or desire to maintain it personally. As a result, professional landscape companies are in high demand. There is a lot more startup costs for landscapers compared to other business ideas on the list yet is still a reasonably affordable startup.

#6: Personal Trainer

The budget for a personal trainer is little to none. No tools or transportation costs. There might be a little set aside for promotion, including a website yet the bulk of the budget for the new business venture goes into establishing relationships with gyms.

#7: Day Care

You will need the proper licensing and training, though once you get established the budget is tiny. You will need to set aside a little for games, toys, learning tools, etc but most day cares operate out of their own house and are always in demand.