6 Of The Most Essential Software You’ll Need For Starting A Business

Running your own business is work — a lot of work. Thankfully software can make your life a lot easier. Here are 6 essential software you will need for a startup business:

#1: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is fairly common but if you don’t already have it make sure you get it. Microsoft Word is one of the best word processors available. Outlook can help manage your email and business contacts. Excel is excellent for data entry and PowerPoint is a great tool if you will be making presentations.

#2: QuickBooks

Regardless if you are good at math or not, you need QuickBooks. The software program has been around the block for quite some time and is still regarded as number one when it comes to managing business finances.

#3: Sales Cloud

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to store customer information including contact information, marketing profile and sales. Sales Cloud grants access to anyone in the company you need connected and also integrates well with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

#4: Basecamp

Trello follows a close second, however our favorite piece of project manage software is Basecamp. The leading web-based program features affordable pricing including discounts for non-profits and charities.

#5: LogMeIn

Does your business require a lot of travel? Or are you frequently on the move connecting with current or prospective clients? LogMeIn enables you to work from anywhere even if you are not using your ‘work computer’ at the moment.

#6: Mozy

You may ask yourself: ‘Do I really need to back up my files?’ The answer is a resounding yes, and frequently. Like life insurance, you or your employees may never need it but in the event of a worst-case scenario it will be a lifesaver.