8 Ways To Market Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

The World Wide Web has made it far more easier to advertise and market your company which of course is especially important for startups operating on a shoestring budget. Here are some of the best ways to market your new business:

#1: Social Network

Why is Facebook and Twitter heavily mentioned with any business big  or small? Because it is a fantastic opportunity to accumulate a number of prospective clients in the form of followers all for the cost of NOTHING!





#2: Create Instructional Videos

Thanks to YouTube, the public is constantly trying to learn how to do things on their own. Consequently, DIY videos are a terrific way to educate viewers while also potentially landing new customers in the process.


#3: Guerrilla Marketing

It is time to hit the streets! Guerrilla marketing emphasizes creativity over budget. For example, you can market the name of your business with inexpensive stickers plastered all over the city or advertise your Twitter handle with chalk on the sidewalk.


#4: Apply Online for Business Awards

Prospective customers are much more likely to pay attention to a new brand they do not recognize if under an advertisement is reads something like: ‘name’ or ‘nominated’ for BLANK of the year award. Fittingly, you do not need to wait for the awards to come to you as you can apply for awards in advance. Call it advanced marketing.


#5: Recycle Your Content

Information on the web is not so much brand new as it is recycled. For example, an informational article on the web may eventually be recycled with the same content into a webinar or video tutorial. It is not 100 percent unique but rather re-filtered content launched within a new medium.

#6: Online Contests & Giveaways

Winning runner with cloud background

It is one of the more expensive marketing tools on the list yet online contests and giveaways are a great way to collect the contact information for a large number of prospective new clients. They want to win something for free while you want to get a mass number of contacts quickly. It’s a win-win.

#7: Business Card Drawing

Similar to online contests, business card drawings accumulate a number of prospective clients contact information while rewarding their efforts with an opportunity to win something free.

#8: Cheap Giveaway Items

Go to major events and pass out cheap giveaway items like pens, stickers, bracelets, coolies, hats, etc.